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  • Ocean Voyage to Niihau
    August 23, 2015

    We left Kukuiula Small Boat Harbor early.

    Kukuiula Small Boat Harbor

    Bound for Niihau around Lehua Rock with Marvin (Seasport Divers) , Andrew, Mike, also John, and Woody who were spear diving…. with much appreciation and thanks to the Guy who brought us on this wonderful trip, David Kundysek.

    View of Boat
    View of Boat Wake

    We saw a pod of Sperm Whales breaching, with the strange sight of seeing their spouts come out the side at a 45 degree angle….. I’ve seen lots of Whale Sharks and pilot whales here, even an Orca, but never seen Sperm Whales before, got me thinking about Moby Dick and the big albino whale. (By the way, look up the story of the “Wreck of the Two Brothers” northwest of Kauai, Herman Melville’s character)

    View of Ocean

    Then we caught an Ono (wahoo) going 12 knots.

    Caught an Ono (wahoo)

    Then we got some uku. . .

    Caught Uku
    Caught Uki
    Double Shaka

    Fantastic Day!

    View of Boat Driver

    We hooked and lost 2 medium sized blue marlin on the way back over the channel. Lost both but big tussel with heavy gear going 15 knots! You should see the size of lures Andrew makes: big, heavy and red. They don’t come much out of the water even at high speed.

    Fishing Pole View
    Fishing Pole View
    View of Boat Driver

    Thanks David, his dad, Marvin and Andrew and the rest of the crew for making the trip so awesome!