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  • Koloa Farmer's Market
    January 14, 2014

    Every Monday at noon at the Koloa Ballpark, just north outside of Koloa, is a bustling farmer’s market that begins with throngs of people waiting for the whistle for what amounts to a race line of shoppers eager for delicious local Island fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to see what all the rush is about. Scores of vendors and even more buyers vie for the best selection of the Island’s locally grown bounty. Some of which is familiar, but much which is not. There’s everything from Noni to Jackfruit to Cherimoya and from Sweet Potatoes to lettuce and tropical flowers. Varieties range from Dragon-fruit to Dragon-eye. Enjoy the flavors of the grows here on the Garden Island, exotic and delicious locally-grown food you’ll long remember!

    Koloa Farmer’s Market Bananas
    Koloa Farmer’s Market Cilantro
    Koloa Farmer’s Market Flowers
    Koloa Farmer’s Market